Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Cell Model

What can I learn from the systems at play inside our body?

During the last week I did research on cells. They are in every organism. They are beautiful soft, liquid manufactories that organize our energy and life.

I compared the way cells live, work and communicate with the way that we (humans) do.

Around me I see that humans live very individually. We have few interaction with strangers, there is not much fusion going on as I see it.

This week I have looked at how I could facilitate a casual interaction between "cells".
I asked Dina Dedic, one of the phd students from KTH that joins this course, for help. During one morning we had a great conversation about the fascinating cells that build our body. Below 3 things that I find very interesting.

How do our borders become membranes: permeable?

Today I presented my findings and design concept of The Cell Model to the Biomimesis group at the Vasa museum.

It was great to get the help of a scientist during this project. With her help I got insights that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Afterwards Dina commented that she now feels part of this project. I think this is very valuable for any project where parties are involved from different disciplines.

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