Monday, 9 January 2012

The Course

Our Base Contrasts: ‘As scientists, we are trained to Kill’
‘Nature is trained to provide conditions conducive to further life’

How do these 2 statements meet in the middle? Get translated? Get experienced? Use and experience nature?

The above statements are contrasts in the approach to use nature as a source of inspiration in design and science. From the design perspective of EDG, how do these 2 worlds communicate with each other? This 5 week introduction course to biomimicry and biomimetics will explore these varying approaches, and try to extract nature’s science theory to an understandable level. You will start with a view into both worlds of science and nature through ‘walkscapes’.

We will create a foundation into the source of biomimicry and nature and view its organisms and systems through 3 levels of feedback loops - form, process and design. The student will then see science’s interpretation and innovation in the field of nature and design. Each student will be given a choice of a current KTH scientific research PHD project which will need to be communicated, translated and experienced, as part of the final exhibition. It is the student’s choice, and interpretation, which biomimesis route to take inspired from one of the 2 contrasting statements above. (or somewhere in between?) All work will be exhibited in the final week of this course (February 17).

The full course description is here.

Anna Maria, Åsmund and Mikael

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